What race car driver is danica patrick dating just dating vs relationship

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What race car driver is danica patrick dating

are a couple, ending widespread speculation about the nature of their relationship."I have a boyfriend, his name is Richard," she said during an exclusive telephone interview with AP."I think I am just finally excited to tell someone about this," Patrick laughed, sounding almost giddy as she said the two-time Nationwide champion's middle name is Lynn and he prefers she use his first name.

The couple waited until the end of Charlotte Motor Speedway's weeklong annual media tour to go public with their relationship, which started as a friendship as they raced each other the last two seasons in the Nationwide Series.

3 filing that her marriage to the 47-year-old Hospenthal was "irretrievably broken."Speculation immediately shifted toward her relationship with the 25-year-old Stenhouse, who has never been married.

Patrick, who announced her retirement as a full-time driver at the end of the season, was a no-show at the NASCAR awards ceremony in November, where Stenhouse was being feted for making the series' playoffs.So, it's Friday now, so that's why we waited until the end of the week to be up front about each other."Stenhouse confirmed the relationship."Yes, we are dating," he said."I don't normally say too much about my private life, always been focused on the track."I always say I'll race people how they race me until they do something to make me change my mind.I don't anticipate that changing at all, or us having any issues on the track."Stenhouse echoed that attitude. I want to go out and win, I race everyone hard," he said."This relationship in no way violates any rules or regulations of the sport, so we have zero concerns, particularly since we're talking about two fiercely competitive individuals who both want to win NASCAR races and be the best at what they do," said David Higdon of NASCAR marketing communications.

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are, “no longer in a relationship.” Patrick has asked for privacy in the matter. Patrick also recently announced that she is retiring as a full-time NASCAR driver, although she does hope to race in the 2018 Daytona 5 Indy 500.

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